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New Bio

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I am a reader that does not need tools but still loves them. I can use anything. Literally. I specialize in anything missing, nutrition and health. ...I have worked on California Psychics and have helped 4000 people on I currently work for ... ....I have worked as a reader at Pagan festivals , parties and psychic fares. I have taught others how to find the inner power of magic and hosted a group for herbal magic. I am hypnosis and Reiki certified. I have worked with ghost hunters and have helped clear energies in houses. 


Missing Pets

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    When was the last time you have had a pet missing? It seems that everyone at one time or another has had this happen and the fear of loosing your family member is so intense. Wondering if they are coming back can be the worst feeling. Why wait with anxiety and possibly never finding out what has happened to them? A lot of times I can bring you closure if they have passed while they were gone. I have found many pets for clients, family and friends throught the years and am so happy to be able to bring them home. Peace of mind in knowing where they are and what happened while they were gone is priceless and I feel it is the most honorable and rewarding reading I can give anyone. If you had a long lost pet from the past I can tell you what happened for your closure. If you have a pet that just became missing, I urge you to come see me and find out where they are! I have found many types of animals in my career, some were naturally elusive (like snakes, rodents, birds) but still found alive and well ! Let me heal your heart and ease the worry. I am more than happy to help !

~Lucky Clover~

They like my dog's energy !

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    Here is a short clip of some energy around my dog. We filmed a few times in one evening and every time  these friendly energies decided to show up only around her. If you look on the left side at the end of the clip, you will see one. I will be taking more films soon to catch the spirit activity here. Check in again soon to see what I have found !

  ~Lucky Clover~

Soul Travelers

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I find it interesting that so many people spend their lives looking for that one "soul mate" . If there is only one miraculous soul connection , then why do we have the capability to fall in love so many times in a lifetime ? Why do we feel so close and connected all in different ways to the ones we love? I believe we are all connected with our energy and through our experiences we strengthen those connections as we live. Our daily decisions make or break new avenues that are constantly changing with ours.  No two energies are exactly  the same and will make changes to its own needs when nessessary.  If you want to draw in love that will stay with you forever feel more love in your own heart and nurture the ones you care about. Give them love in their own growth. 

From The Heart !

~Lucky Clover~ 

Ley Lines

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Have you ever heard of a ley line? If not here is a link from wikipedia describing what it is. If you have heard of it before and are familiar with what they are, have you ever felt or searched for where they are? There is suprising spirit activity of all kinds near them because they are a highway of energy. A big floating mass of super highway cotton candy. If you have a lot of "new" visitors around your home that do not have a psysical body, you can bet they are stopping in from their ley line travels. getting a dowsing rod or pendulum to help you find where the nearest ley line is would be helpful if you cannot feel it allready. Knowing where your spirit train station in your neighborhood would help explain a lot of strange happenings that occur around them. There are always stories. Having one run through your home needs work to keep the peace and the hair from standing up on your arms !

 Happy Hunting!

~Lucky Clover~


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I would like to talk today about creativity. To make something, anything that is fresh from your heart should come when it needs to. After people get home from work they find a way to release stress. If you pay close attention to your actions you will notice subtle unconsious ways that you use to release tension. This automatic action is so powerful that it affects us emotionally, spiritually and down to a cellular level. Have you ever craved to do somthing? That is the mind calling for your creativity. Enjoy and soak up every moment that you can when you "do your thing" to add years and happiness on to your life. If you push yourself too hard through your tasks or things you like to do your brain will create more stress for you. Who needs that? After rushing through somthing that you love to do you will be left feeling like you still need a break when doing your beloved hobby should leave you feeling refreshed. The next time you start to stress for time please remember that it is not worth the peace of mind and the world will turn just the same no matter how much you rush. ~Lucky Clover

A Family Pet, Missing Persons, Lost Items

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Pet's can be a long time friend of the family. When a pet goes missing the entire family can be devastated! 

Did you have a family pet?

Do you believe a pet can send you a message from the other side?

I can help! Lost Items, Missing Pets, Missing Children Readings are available. Limited Special: If the subject is not found there is no charge! Please book today to let me help your family heal faster. Please leave me a comment !