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Posted on April 8, 2013 at 9:00 PM

I would like to talk today about creativity. To make something, anything that is fresh from your heart should come when it needs to. After people get home from work they find a way to release stress. If you pay close attention to your actions you will notice subtle unconsious ways that you use to release tension. This automatic action is so powerful that it affects us emotionally, spiritually and down to a cellular level. Have you ever craved to do somthing? That is the mind calling for your creativity. Enjoy and soak up every moment that you can when you "do your thing" to add years and happiness on to your life. If you push yourself too hard through your tasks or things you like to do your brain will create more stress for you. Who needs that? After rushing through somthing that you love to do you will be left feeling like you still need a break when doing your beloved hobby should leave you feeling refreshed. The next time you start to stress for time please remember that it is not worth the peace of mind and the world will turn just the same no matter how much you rush. ~Lucky Clover

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