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Ley Lines

Posted on April 9, 2013 at 1:10 PM

Have you ever heard of a ley line? If not here is a link from wikipedia describing what it is. If you have heard of it before and are familiar with what they are, have you ever felt or searched for where they are? There is suprising spirit activity of all kinds near them because they are a highway of energy. A big floating mass of super highway cotton candy. If you have a lot of "new" visitors around your home that do not have a psysical body, you can bet they are stopping in from their ley line travels. getting a dowsing rod or pendulum to help you find where the nearest ley line is would be helpful if you cannot feel it allready. Knowing where your spirit train station in your neighborhood would help explain a lot of strange happenings that occur around them. There are always stories. Having one run through your home needs work to keep the peace and the hair from standing up on your arms !

 Happy Hunting!

~Lucky Clover~

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