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Quotes Thankyou so much for helping me find my snake lucky!!! I thought he would be gone forever but you were able to help me find him without even being in the vicinity which is awesome now i will definately watch him more carefully thank you so much. Quotes
Matt McGrath

Quotes Lucky Clover gave me a really good reading.  She was right on target, "spot on," so to speak.  She predicted something that did happen.  Quotes
Cathy R.

Quotes [3:39:58 PM] luckyclover: I just wanted to take the time to give a testimonial for "LUCKY CLOVER". =] I just want to say first off that I have nothing but GREAT things to say about her!!!!!!=] If you need a reading,I highly recommend that you get a reading done by "LUCKY CLOVER"!!!!!!=] She is an amazing reader who hits things dead on. In other words she is the real deal and knows her stuff.=] She is very personable.=] She gets back to you on a timely manner.=] She actually cares about what she does.=] She is very detailed with her readings which I love that about her readings.=] You are definitely not left disappointed by any means.=] I had a reading done by "IRENE HUGHES" once and it was a waste of my time and my money!!!!!! She was inaccurate about everything. She was asking me questions to get information!!!!!! She was definitely not a personable person at all!!!!!! Then I decided to take a chance and get a reading again but this time done by "LUCKY CLOVER" and it was the BEST deci Quotes
Michelle H.

Quotes I had a reading done regarding my past relationship, current situation, and what might possibly happen as an outcome. Her predictions were spot on and things happened as she said they would. Even though people say this is "Just entertainment," I know people gifted with Sight. This young lady has that talent. Phil Lein IL Quotes

Quotes Brilliant and thorough. Made sure that we dug to the heart of the matter, so to help make wise decisions - not just decisions! We'll be sure to contact again in the future! A+ !!! Quotes
Darcie McGrath
Teacher - Paranormal Studies

Quotes Luckyclover did a great reading for me and told me exactly what I needed to know in order to be able to handle a current situation. She's very insightful and accurate! - Scotty :) Quotes
Scotty S.

Quotes Thank you for the reading today. You read a person that nobody else has been able to shed any insight for me about because this person is so confusing and a chronic liar. You also gave me good news, and made my day. I'm impressed that you saw details about this person even though he tries so hard to hide from everyone. You penetrated his shield of lies. Very impressive psychic. 5 stars. Thank you again! Quotes
April Angel Medium
Psychic Medium

Quotes She is very good friend! Wonderful person! Quotes
Jessica Insight

Quotes Luckyclover is smart, driven and committed to helping others. Shes a beautiful hearted and amazing women as well in her readings. Quotes